Secret Pal 2!

How excited am I?!! I read about the Secret Pal 2 at Heidi’s blog and it gave me the final push to start a blog. Today I checked my email and found I’d been assigned my Secret Pal 2. I’ve been reading their blog trying to figure out just what to surprise them with…. Thank you Heidi for organising this!

Went to knitting circle today. It’s run by my friend Emma, who was the person that got me hooked on knitting and started my general craft frenzy. A friend recently suggested that I have craft A.D.D. I don’t know that this is necessarily a bad thing?! Anyhow, Emma started me out and off I’ve been ever since. I’ve knitted scarfs, bags, a cardigan, a couple of jumpers and have about 8 UFO’s at present, much to her disgust.

Knitting circle is always fun. There are a core group and then we have new people coming and going which always makes it interesting. We rarely have anyone come along who knits with my definition of “crap” yarn ie Feathers!! I hate feathers. I know, hate is a strong word, but, hate it I do. It’s been suggested that at least it gets people into the craft, but I’m still not convinced. WHY would you want to wear a jumper knit from it is beyond me. It is a synthetic…….ie translates to very smelly underarms. Off my soap box. This is the last time I’ll mention it. All I’ll say is people, check out the amazing variety of natural fibre and mixed fibre yarns available and you will never knit with that crap again.

Good night!

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