My weekend

I’m on my lunchbreak and being a new blogger am “obsessing” about what am I going to write about next etc and so on! So I thought I’d do a quick list of my weekend to see if I can stop thinking about it, it’s distracting!

– Finished knitting Shannon (strange name for a scarf, particularly when knitted for a man!) in Tamarind colourway from Jo Sharp’s Book Number Six, the Silk Road Ultra is a very lovely yarn.
– Started knitting Favourite from Jo Sharp 6 for my partner Chris, in Clinker colourway
– Made Jackie French’s apple chutney. Now just need to wait 3 months before trying it!
– Watched A Mighty Wind. Not as good as “Best in Show”, but still worth a DVD.
– Went to knitting circle.
– Had a girlfriend over for a craftfest of knitting and embroidering and quilt creation discussion.
– Caught up with a friend who just returned from a 6 week European vacation.
– Did some knitting on my scribble shawl. An example here at Knitty.
– Spent some more time looking at my new Amy Butler fabric’s from the Ginger Bliss range. Trying to decide what I shall do with it. I think a quilt is in order.
– Had yummy pancakes in bed on Saturday morning, made by Chris. Hmmmm! With maple syrup (NOT maple FLAVOURED syrup).
– Watched Australian Idol….I am such a sucker.
– Watched “The Alice”, pretty good. Knitting away at the same time.
– Read Michael Leunig’s “The Curly Pyjama Letters” for book club. I don’t quite get it, but I’m not a huge Leunig fan.

2 thoughts on “My weekend

  1. secret pal says:

    Just found out about your new blog from Heidi. Hooray, it looks great!
    Sorry again about my dufus move on the e-mail message this morning. Mondays…


  2. t - roy says:

    Congratulations Knickers on getting the blog up and running (only took 3 attempts to get the correct URL!).
    PS: Can you please make me an iPod cover?


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