I’ve had a crap day. Not a great way to start a post! Just one of those days. You know when something upsets you and you have no idea why, well maybe deep down you do but you don’t acknowledge it. Anyhow. I had one of those at work today.

On a brighter note, I’ve been planning my Secret Pal 2’s gifts and a schedule for what I’m sending out and when. I now need to make a few things for her!

I had one of those “ooh we’re at that stage in our relationship” experiences last night. In the past I’ve been asked why I don’t change the toilet roll after it’s finished. Yes, I’m lazy…anyhow, I’ve been making sure I do it, being considerate of my partner. Last night I was in the loo and went to use the paper and only 3 squares were left, now you can’t tell me that the last person who used the toilet (hi honey) didn’t notice this. It made me chuckle as I changed it.

4 thoughts on “Quickie

  1. Heidi says:

    Hey there!
    To make your web ring membership work, you just need to delete the “***” on either side of the numbers in the code. Then I can approve you!
    So it looks like this:


  2. Lisa in Oregon says:

    Hi there! I found you in Marie’s Comments!! 🙂 Thinking about starting a blog, so I’ll live vicariously through you awhile.. 🙂
    “that point in the relationship”….oh, yeah….we all know that one! I just think to myself, “hmmm. honeymoon must be over now..”
    Looking forward to “reading” you!
    Lisa in Oregon


  3. Kae says:

    “that point in the relationship” ehh? Well, WingNut doesn’t always remember to refill the toilet paper, but at least he always puts the seat back down… that’s worth quite a lot!
    Glad to see you here… I’ll be pullin’ up a chair and saying hi from time to time…


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