Gastro Guru’s

Next Saturday night is my turn to cook for Gastro Guru’s (GG’s). I need to plan a menu and let everyone know what they’re having so they can decide what to drink. GG’s is FuzzEman, myself, Al and Wez. We meet once a month and take turns cooking. You have to cook something that you haven’t cooked before and you can’t test it beforehand. You can decide to do three courses or two.

One consideration is Nigella’s ham in Coca Cola . It’s a little frightening, but could be fun. I made her Coca Cola cake and I must have done something wrong, it didn’t rise a whole lot and had the consistency of rubber and looked like chocolate brown rubber.

I’ll have to trawl through my recipe books and magazines this weekend and figure something out. Maybe something from Stephanie (“The Cook’s Companion” is a MUST have), Donna, Nigella, Jamie or Delicious…any suggestions?

3 thoughts on “Gastro Guru’s

  1. Lisa in Oregon says:

    I hardly cook anymore, so no suggestions from me! It sounds FUN, however, your “Gastric Gurus.” Wishing my friends weren’t so spread out geographically and time-wise…it would be a fun type of group to belong to.
    Feeling better? 🙂


  2. secret pal says:

    I got a Donna Hay cookbook for Christmas last year (I think it’s called Flavor?) but I haven’t tried any of the recipies. Maybe I’ll pull out the book and pick something new and adventurous. I can sort of pretend like I’m taking part in this month’s Gastric Gurus with you!
    Glad to hear that you’re taking your health seriously and getting the help you need. If you’re anything like me, I know how hard it can be to do that sometimes.
    Sending you all my best..


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