Scribbling pussy

Sorry these pictures were begging for that post title! I was attempting to take pictures of my scribble shawl and Spud decided that I’d put the fabric down for him. He’s very pretty and lots of fun. Interestingly, I’ve grown up with cats and he’s the first indoor cat I’ve had. It’s a much different relationship with an indoor pussy cat. Lots of playing, mainly with him being involved in whatever’s happening in the house, leaping out at you at 3am when you’re coming back from the loo. That sort of stuff. (Can you spot him in the fourth pic?).

spudnscribble3 spudnscribble2 spudnscribble1 wheres_spud_scribble

2 thoughts on “Scribbling pussy

  1. Lisa in Oregon says:

    spud is gorgeous! My favorite kind of cat. In fact, I have had several with similar fur…all named George…except for one who turned out to be a Georgina…georgie for short.
    now I have children who allergic to cats and have asthma….so no more Georges for me. 😦 I’ll have to enjoy Spud vicariously through your blog….. 😉
    Thanks for the kind thoughts on Fawn. It went quickly… thank god. Hard for us to get used to tho, still some teary eyes around the house.


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