Film distractions

FuzzeMan and I went to see “The Bourne Supremacy” Thursday night. It wasn’t as good as the first, but for a sequel it was definitely worth a watch. The main distraction for me, aside from Matt Damon 🙂 and the wobbly camera work in the fight scenes, was the knitwear worn by the cast! In particular Julia Stiles scarf, Matt Damon’s jumper (sweater) and Joan Allen’s cabled jumper. Gorgeous!

Another time I remember being distracted like this was during “The Hours” and Meryl Streep’s characters jewellery. Sitting in the cinema thinking “hmmmm how could I make that necklace” and what I could construct it out of.

On a completely different track. I am an avid reader of Dooce. She is amazing. I have been having doubts about why I am doing a blog, then I read her post dated 28/8/04 and am so amazed by her courage and honesty. Particularly talking about mental illness. Go Dooce and thank goodness for women like you!

One thought on “Film distractions

  1. grumpygirl says:

    It’s so true! I remember the first time it happened, I was supposed to be watching Mona Lisa smile (don’t hold that against me though), but instead, I was watching the parade of vintage cardigans and twinsets across the screen.
    🙂 grumpygirl
    who is not always quite so grumpy


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