Back from the weekend. Lots of giggles, knitting and crochet, eating and drinking. Of course, no knitting retreat weekend would be complete without watching Gone With The Wind and Casino Royale. Even tho’ we didn’t realise that GWTW was a doublesided DVD and watched part two first, doh! Stayed in an apartment overlooking the ocean. Not that we ventured outside or even used the spa in the apartment. We were knitters on a mission.

I started and almost finished the stitch diva shawl and then frogged it. It wasn’t wide enough. I’m not particularly worried as it didn’t take too long to do once I go the hang of the tunisian crochet. A picture below of my early progress, about 5 hours later I frogged it. The colours are lovely and I think it’ll come up nice, once I get the tension right.

We also did face masks, as you can see below. Emma finished a very cute hooded jumper for her unborn and modeled it for us (buggar that the shot’s out of focus, I was laughing too hard).

Spud_packing_1_1 Crochet Gayle_knit Rob_em Marg_rob_knit Em_knit Em_facemask Gayle_facemask Marg_facemask Em_jumper


I’ve been slack with my posting this week. Care of the Gusset grrls US yarn sales up by USD$450MILLION since last year.

I’m off tomorrow on a knitting retreat with Emma and some others. We’re checking in at 2pm tomorrow arvo and spending Friday, Saturday and Sunday morning knitting knitting knitting. Tho’ I’m going to be tackling my stitch diva colinette giotto shawl (try saying that fast!). I’m going to have to give myself a lesson in tunisian. Hopefully this will be started and finished in a weekend. I’ll post photo’s of the knitnpurl on Sunday.

Check out Loobylu’s Christmas Cards for 2004, you can join the mail list to be advised when the are ready for sale. Man o’ man. What I’d give to illustrate like that.

The “diet” (horrible word) is going fairly well, even tho’ it’s pretty restrictive. This weekend will be the real test, surrounded by wine swilling, chocolate munching knitters (at least one of us, not me, is pregnant, no wine for her).

Saw Somersault last night. Cannes awarded Aussie film. I’m torn between thinking it was original and interesting to it being quite cliched as an “arts” film. Still worth a look and great soundtrack.

Weighty issue

I wasn’t going to post about this as I’m still unsure how much I want to share on my blog. But I thought stuff it. Also maybe it’s a public way of setting myself up to succeed ie I’ve talked about it here and it’s in black and white and can’t be forgotten quietly or swept under the carpet.

Tomorrow I start a eating plan (I’m not going to call it the “D” word). It’s through this place. I need to lose about 30kg, which is a shitload to say the least. I’ll post my measurements later and will probably only post once a month (I will be weighed once a month). It’s supposed to be a rapid weight loss program (not a starvation diet but it is very strict) so I’m hoping that in a month I would have lost between 5 and 10kg.

Fingers and pink bits crossed!

Felted Sophie

She’s felted, in my front loader. Not quite happy Jan. I don’t think I’ll felt in the front loader again. I’m going to have to do some more felting by hand or stick her thru a top loader, but I don’t want to completely screw it up. Pics soon. We will very soon have a digital camera, which will make this easier!