Meet Jet. He’s Al and Wez’s child (our GG friends). Jet is renowned for doing all sorts of interesting things. Like eating a chilli plant when he was a puppy….going for a swim at the beach and continuing to swim out to sea and having to be rescued by a passing wave rider (much to his parent’s embarrassment). And finally his most recent endeavour was when he ate his mum’s contraceptive pills. He managed to digest 5 pills before Al and Wez could wrestle them off him. Off to the vet for induced vomiting.

Being a labrador he is extremely food focussed, however Al and Wez have an ingenious way of giving him a treat without making him fat. They give him carrots and celery. He is the only dog I know who starts to drool when you say “carrot Jetty?”, then “on your mat”. He races off to his mat and sits there drooling and bouncing on his bum “hmmmm carrottssss”.

He is very sweet and loving (I won’t go into all the details about how loving, I think I’ve given enough of his secrets away).

Patientjet1_1 Hmmmcarrots_2 Jetsparents_1 Patientjet2

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