Weighty issue

I wasn’t going to post about this as I’m still unsure how much I want to share on my blog. But I thought stuff it. Also maybe it’s a public way of setting myself up to succeed ie I’ve talked about it here and it’s in black and white and can’t be forgotten quietly or swept under the carpet.

Tomorrow I start a eating plan (I’m not going to call it the “D” word). It’s through this place. I need to lose about 30kg, which is a shitload to say the least. I’ll post my measurements later and will probably only post once a month (I will be weighed once a month). It’s supposed to be a rapid weight loss program (not a starvation diet but it is very strict) so I’m hoping that in a month I would have lost between 5 and 10kg.

Fingers and pink bits crossed!

One thought on “Weighty issue

  1. Alison says:

    I can sympathise with how hard this is, and I wanted to offer my support. I gained a huge amount of weight through pregnancy, which didn’t disappear, so have spent the last year loosing it. I’ve lost 16 kilos, and would like to loose another 2. Good luck, be strong, and the only other advice I can give is to set yourself small goal weights within the large goal weight, so you have a sense of achievement.


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