As my Sophie was stolen Friday I’m going to knit another one in the Kureyon Alison gave me. However I was lurking on Cari’s site and came across her Suki, go and have a look and come back when you’ve finished.

Isn’t she lovely. When I first saw Suki at Knitty, I think I ignored her. But Cari’s has convinced me she’s worth doing.


I woke up at 5am this morning with my mind spinning and feeling horrible. So I got up and made strawberry jam (recipe from current issue “Delicious”). I love making jam. It’s so easy and so satisfying.

I made some apple chutney 3 months ago and it’s just about ready to eat now.

Continuing on with my craft ADD today I made some milk bath. It’s ginger orange scented with dried lavender from my garden. For the recipe go and visit Aussie Soap Supplies. Jude is great and has a huge range of quality product. Chris is going to test the milk bath this afternoon.

Strawberryjaminpan Strawberryjamscoopingoff Strawberryjamsterilising Strawberryjaminjars

Thieving bastard

If you’re offended by foul language then don’t read on. I was at Woolworths after work this evening. Running around grabbing groceries, I had my handbag on the trolley (where mother’s put their kids) and I usually tie my bag to the trolley. Of course today I didn’t. I didn’t walk more than a metre away from my trolley. I got to the register and realised MY BAG HAD BEEN STOLEN. Which contained my mobile, my palm zire 72, over $200 cash and credit card, drivers licence, car, office and house keys. HOW FUCKED OFF WAS I?! Extremely. HOW USELESS WHERE THE STAFF. VERY FUCKING USELESS. I only got to speak to the store manager once I asked to use a phone. I was upset, And if I’d caught the turd that had done it, I would have done them damage.

I said to the staff “can you go and check the toilets”….after looking at me blankly for several seconds, I had to contain myself from yelling, once I was asked “why”….BECAUSE THE BASTARD MAY BE IN THE TOILETS WITH MY BAG!

Woolworths were kind enough to give me the groceries.

So I’ve cancelled my cards, stopped my mobile and rung the police and now I’m off to ring a locksmith because my house keys and address were in my bag. FANFREAKINGTASTIC.

I’m going to go and try and have a good weekend.

Perth Bloggers

Last night Chris and I attended the Perth Blog Nite. There were 8 (I think) speaks and one “guest chief”. Thank goodness there was one female perspective. I may be misleading you, but I also think Charles Wooley was in the audience, otherwise it was his twin. Interesting stuff, “institutionalising blogging”, corporate blogging (google Sun Microsystems Blogs and you’ll be surprised by what you find) and a little politics thrown in for giggles (and MORE).

The highlight being Anthony’s half time (entertainment) sushi making whilst fielding questions and gesturing with a knife in his hand. The man is passionate about food, interesting blog too. Check it out.

Overall well organised event, organised enough for me to consider becoming more involved, tho’ often (well this is my reason) bloogers start because of the perceived anonymity. I do find face-to-face interaction in a group of people I don’t know intimidating. Or maybe it’s to do with still feeling uncomfortable at times that my blog isn’t intellectual enough or gritty.

For any of you Perth bloggers out there, there is a Christmas Bowling night. Keep your eyes on the Perth Blog site.


I don’t know about you, but I’m a little disturbed about this and slightly amused (no offence).

How did I come across this? I was doing some research to create a button for the IV’s and this was one of Google’s responses. Since I’m on the subject of vulva’s I also stumbled across vulva puppets, amulets and a very funny article.


SP2 revealed

On Friday a parcel arrived at work from my SP2. Filled with some sari yarn and pattern for the Knitty unbiased bag, PERFECT. I wanted to do this bag and gorgeous yarn! Jena also sent a very cool Hallmark cookie book, the Knitters Review 2005 calendar and a packet of Popover Mix.

A huge thanks to my secret pal…Jena AKA Craft Muffin. You have been great with keeping in touch and I’ve loved receiving everything. I’m going to spend some time reading about my SP2. Thanks to Heidi for organising etc.