Even though I’m on a diet (horrible word but that’s what it is) I still love reading my recipe books and food magazines. I subscribe to both Donna Hay and Delicious. AND I hear that Stephanie Alexander has released a new edition of “The Cooks Companion”. Ooooohhhh my. How exciting. I remember when I received my first copy I was living in Melbourne and was in Perth for Christmas. On the flight back to Melbourne I had the book (it’s a huge volume weighing over a 1kg) in my hand luggage so I could read it on the plane. The new edition is a little pricey at $125 but more than worth it.

On the diet front. After two weeks I’ve lost 5kg! Holy crap! How cool is that. It’s the first time I’ve ever been weighed and gotten off the scales giggling. At this rate I’ll lose the 20-30kg by Christmas. Whoo hoo.

One thought on “Food

  1. secret pal says:

    I’m right there with you on the diet bandwagon. CONGRATS on your progress so far! Whoop whoop!
    Remember that it’s not how fast you lose the pounds that counts… it’s how long you can get them to stay gone! 🙂


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