Small people

This weekend we caught up with two sets of friends. Both have small people. I have moments lately of “do I want kids?” and I admit after spending time with my friends kids I’m not so sure. These are great kids. They’re normal kids, with all the stuff that goes with them. They’re funny and unpredictable and cute and sweet and loving and nice to leave with their parents! I appreciate that as a parent you have to be emotionally present constantly and how difficult that must be at times. I enjoy watching my friends parent and feel quite proud of them as parents.

Yesterday we caught up with Finn and Rhoda. They have two small boys under 3. Kaj and Hugo. Hugo is just walking (just over one) and Kaj (pronounced Ki) is 2 going in to 3. They’re very lovely. I didn’t manage to snap a picture of Kaj but Hugo is below. It’s so funny watching them play. Well watching Hugo follow Kaj around. Lucy, the German Pointer, is gorgeous. She is so gentle with the kids and fits in perfectly. Considering she was there first!

On Saturday we went and saw House of Tomorrow by Experimenta with Emma, Ross and Joe. An interactive media arts exhibition featuring an array of must-have ‘inventions’ for the house of the future. It is a fantasy home where mirrors clone your reflection, carpets change as your walk, couches purr like cats. The purring couch was the most fun. Joe was most disturbed by it and would drag off anyone sitting on it, exclaiming “noise”. Much to our amusement.

Fnr_hugo_oct04 Fnr_lucy_oct04 Experimenta_emmanjoe_oct04 Experimenta_joe_oct04

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