Asymmetrical birthday

I had a fabulous birthday this year. On the Wednesday night about 7 of us went to dinner. We had a great time, lots of laughs and yummmmy food. I deviated from my diet and it was worth it, no guilt here. I had tiger prawns with a green salad and then……cheesecake. Yummmmmy. I was stuffed. I wore my asymmetrical shawl and was pretty happy with it.

THE bracelet arrived and it is lovely. I was spoilt by my friends and co-workers. I received a voucher from here and TWO vouchers for here. A very cool book, called “Retro Revamp”. The latest Joss Stone cd which I have played to death the last two days and some very nice body scrub. AND four very cool ceramic bowls.

Chrisnicoleocto04 Alweznicoleoct04 Gilliannicoleoct04 Chrisdickoct04 Wezpauloct04

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