Not for the squeamish (or vegetarian….)

Meet Herbert. He’s the whole snapper that was baked in salt last Saturday night. He was delicious. Not at all salty, quite buttery and juicy.

As tasty as Herbert was, his teeth were freaking me out during dinner. I had to put foil over his face so I could eat him 🙂

The dessert was even better. Pear and chocolate pie (with a little Kahlua), with home made pastry of course. Hmmmm. As usual lots of fun.

Herbertbeforeoven Herbertafteroven Herbertsscaryteeth Homebakedpearandchocpi

3 thoughts on “Not for the squeamish (or vegetarian….)

  1. clementine says:

    Hi Nicole- glad to hear the fish was so good: I have been itching to try this kind of fish dish- is it a jamie oliver recipe? does seem a waste of salt somehow… Love the sound of the chocolate and pear pie: are you able to share the recipe?!!


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