Bookclubbushoct04 At bookclub this week Rhoda was wearing a great tee. I wonder if there’s one for Howard?

Next book is written by a local boy (I say boy ’cause he was born in 1984 or something just as silly as that), called Rhubarb by Craig Slivey. Looks interesting.

So far this week’s been great. Monday knit the IV’s* met for a knit-a-long. We started a scribble months ago and it’s taking some of us ages to finish šŸ˜‰ Our next knit is going to be a Christmas deco. Lots of laughs and fun.

Wednesday bookclub, again a great group of chicks hanging out. We’re not a particularly hi-brow kind of bookclub, and we usually manage 5 minutes of talking about the book. This month we managed 15mins I reckon, which is probably the longest we’ve ever talked about a book the past three years. We were reviewing The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time, Mark Haddon.

AND Saturday I have knitting circle at Emma’s. Which will be fabulous. If I’m lucky and don’t nag her too much Alison might come. Please pleasesssseee šŸ™‚

*IV’s – The Itchy Vulva’s. At our knitting retreat we were discussing what name we could be called as a knitting group. One of us has suffered for a ridiculous number of years with an IV, another one of us is a naturopath and she prescribed something for the IV. Well lo and behold it’s worked. However we’ve decided that we’re the IV’s anyhow. It has a certain ring to it.

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