I want one!

Fuzz spent most of Saturday at his brother’s house helping erect a cubby house for his nieces. This is the king of cubby houses. Am I too old for one? We’re going to make the girls rag dolls for Christmas (inspired by Loobylu’s latest efforts). Fuzz is going to select the doll style, fabrics etc and help me sew on the machine. Should be fun (emphasis on should).

Cubbyhouse1 Cubbyhouse2 Cubbyhouse3 Cubbyhouse4 Cubbyhouse5 Cubbyhouse6

One thought on “I want one!

  1. Alison says:

    Can I have one too? I used to LOVE cubby houses when I was a child. I have also (jesus, are we living a parallel life here??) been thinking about making dolls inspired by Loobylu……my mum makes some fabulous dolls, and I was going to use her pattern. I was going to do sort of retro inspired ones. However, I think you need a child for this….!!!!!!!! 😉


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