Sewn up

Emma is heavily pregnant. Apparently when you are heavily pregnant you can’t sew 🙂 That’s how I ended up with her fabric and pattern to sew the Amy Butler Nappy Bag for her. It took about 2 hours to cut all the pattern pieces out and probably about 4-6hrs to sew. Believe it or not the trickiest part was sewing the little bag to hold the changing mat. Overall I’m pretty happy with the end result. It’s a little rough in spots but I don’t think anyone will complain…*

I’ve read various posts on forums about Amy’s patterns and how disappointed people were ie they’re basic etc. However the two bags I’ve made, the patterns have a lot of detail and quite tricky stuff. I became quite obsessed with Amy’s patterns and fabric. When the latest range of fabrics were released, “Ginger Bliss”, of course I had to buy Cabbage Roses fat quarter bundle of the WHOLE RANGE. It’s sitting in my studio waiting to be turned into something. Probably a quilt. Her fabrics are divine. I also have quite a few of her bag patterns, a grrl can never have too many bags.

Nappybag1 Nappybag2 Nappybag3 Nappybag4 Nappybag5 Nappybag6

*Thanks for FuzzeMan for the modelling. As you can see he had a silly moment whilst I was taking the pics and decided that he would jiggle his foot in and out of some of the pics.

6 thoughts on “Sewn up

  1. Clare says:

    Nicole, Is that you?
    Its Clare here.
    You used to live with my Mum.
    A friend of mine told me about your web thing, and said she thought it was you.
    Would love to hear from you.


  2. Alison says:

    I can’t believe you have the same materials as me!!! I bought a large selection of those to line Sophie with – couldn’t make my mind up which one I liked best!!!!!!!


  3. secret pal says:

    Lovely!! Love those Amy Butler fabrics! I’ve resisted buying any patterns only because I can never make up my mind about what to try first. 🙂


  4. steph says:

    Hi Clare, your bag is superb. I have just bought the pattern and was wondering what is the 7/8 yard pf 60″ canvas used for on the diaper bag. I’m in Australia, and wondering if it is a co-ordinating fabric or is it to be used an interfacing?


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