Owning pearl collateral

Sorry. Couldn’t help myself. The following will explain. Friday night watched Owning Mahoney (Philip Seymour Hoffman, PSH) and Girl With a Pearl Earring, GWPE (Scarlett Johannson and Colin Firth, with very silly long hair). We had our own mega movie marathon at home.

I love PSH and he didn’t disappoint. This film could have been a lot more sensational, but it was very subtle and was pretty constant for the whole film. Minni Driver, as his girlfriend, I could take or leave.

Visually GWPE was stunning, as was Scarlett as usual. Colin was his normal self (I could take or leave him). Very well filmed, tho’ I found it hard to connect with the story and didn’t find it particularly heart breaking.

Which brings me to Collateral (Tom Cruise). FABULOUS. I’m not a huge Tom fan, but after Magnolia, he’s got a whole lot more kudos with me. Great soundtrack, gorgeous suit on Tom. Jamie Foxx was very credible. Great fight scene and Tom did a damn fine job. Worth seeing.

Tonight we’re off to see the Metallica doco. I’ve only heard good things about this so I’m looking forward to it.

One thought on “Owning pearl collateral

  1. secret pal says:

    So far as I’m concerned, any fan of Magnolia is a trustworthy source for movie recommendations. Collateral has now been added to my must-watch list!


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