SP2 revealed

On Friday a parcel arrived at work from my SP2. Filled with some sari yarn and pattern for the Knitty unbiased bag, PERFECT. I wanted to do this bag and gorgeous yarn! Jena also sent a very cool Hallmark cookie book, the Knitters Review 2005 calendar and a packet of Popover Mix.

A huge thanks to my secret pal…Jena AKA Craft Muffin. You have been great with keeping in touch and I’ve loved receiving everything. I’m going to spend some time reading about my SP2. Thanks to Heidi for organising etc.


3 thoughts on “SP2 revealed

  1. purlgurl says:

    hi nicole, didn’t know you were participating in the SP2 too? i wanna see your progress on the wallace and gromit toys!!! happy bloggin’ and craftin’! -purlgurl


  2. Marg says:

    I’m loving this blog Nicole. Good pics, good stories, fun craft…. oh just everything a good blog should have! Keep it up girl…


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