Perth Bloggers

Last night Chris and I attended the Perth Blog Nite. There were 8 (I think) speaks and one “guest chief”. Thank goodness there was one female perspective. I may be misleading you, but I also think Charles Wooley was in the audience, otherwise it was his twin. Interesting stuff, “institutionalising blogging”, corporate blogging (google Sun Microsystems Blogs and you’ll be surprised by what you find) and a little politics thrown in for giggles (and MORE).

The highlight being Anthony’s half time (entertainment) sushi making whilst fielding questions and gesturing with a knife in his hand. The man is passionate about food, interesting blog too. Check it out.

Overall well organised event, organised enough for me to consider becoming more involved, tho’ often (well this is my reason) bloogers start because of the perceived anonymity. I do find face-to-face interaction in a group of people I don’t know intimidating. Or maybe it’s to do with still feeling uncomfortable at times that my blog isn’t intellectual enough or gritty.

For any of you Perth bloggers out there, there is a Christmas Bowling night. Keep your eyes on the Perth Blog site.

2 thoughts on “Perth Bloggers

  1. anthony says:

    Ahhhh shucks it’s not hard to get people to like you when you’ve got a razor sharp knife in your hand. I got to bludge off with a few bits of fish and some rice all the other speakers had done some serious hard work and speaking.
    I think knitting is a rocking good idea for the blog and remember blog for yourself first and then they will come.
    See ya bowling, if not at the meet-up.


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