10 bags of oranges please…

Bag_o_oranges After 6 weeks I’ve lost 10kg and a total of 32.5cm (combined bust, thigh, hips, arm and waist). Pretty happy with that, though in my usual impatient style I want it all off NOW, or by Christmas. Main issue I’m having is the lack of variety in choices of food, saying that I LOST 10KG IN 6 WEEKS. So I should just stop complaining.

If you think of it in food weight, it could be 10 bags of 1kg oranges or potatoes. Quite gross really. But when you’re carrying the weight you don’t think of it that way. I’m no where near as tired as I had been (no more Saturday afternoon naps required) and I actually feel like going for a walk.

Only 23kg more to go…

6 thoughts on “10 bags of oranges please…

  1. Alison says:

    If that isn’t inspiration!! Well done, and just think of all the new clothes you cna go buy – that is such a fantastic feeling, and makes it all worth while.


  2. Margaret says:

    Good grief that’s a lot of oranges! Well done, I really think you’ve hit a successful formula to be so consistently losing weight. But you have been very good… I’ve noticed! Those 23kegs will be gone before you know it. But life with no nanna naps….? What a concept.


  3. clementine says:

    Congratulations!!! that’s fantastic progress and a nice bit of inspiration for the rest of us that we can make progress if we persevere, keep our goals in mind, and (most importantly) celebrate our progress!


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