I woke up at 5am this morning with my mind spinning and feeling horrible. So I got up and made strawberry jam (recipe from current issue “Delicious”). I love making jam. It’s so easy and so satisfying.

I made some apple chutney 3 months ago and it’s just about ready to eat now.

Continuing on with my craft ADD today I made some milk bath. It’s ginger orange scented with dried lavender from my garden. For the recipe go and visit Aussie Soap Supplies. Jude is great and has a huge range of quality product. Chris is going to test the milk bath this afternoon.

Strawberryjaminpan Strawberryjamscoopingoff Strawberryjamsterilising Strawberryjaminjars

3 thoughts on “Jammy

  1. Margaret says:

    Now making jam as therapy for dealing with theiving bastards… hadn’t heard of that one. Hope it did the trick for you. Probably way better than deep breathing. But perhaps nowhere near as satisfying as the old art of voodoo. Go on… give it a go…


  2. clementine says:

    Wow- I Looooove making Jam too! I haven’t made any since last summer- I think the last batch was strawberry, using a recipe in Stephanie Alexander’s Cook’s Companion (I like to think of this book on a first name basis, and usually refer to the book as “Steph”, as in “I’ll bring Steph with me when we head down to Lorne next weekend”). My favourite jam recipe has to be “Mock Raspberry Jam #1” (from memory) from the CWA cookbook. Recipe includes one can of Raspberry Jam…. I think version #2 includes a can of tomatoes…. Har har!!


  3. anthony says:

    She’s crafty!
    Only done jam once but the thing I like about it is the way it’s a recipe that responds to the environment and the seasons. I think we spent most of the 20C marvelling how we could work our way around this and put up with crappy bland off-season food as a result. Jam’s not just tasty, it’s right.


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