Aaaaah annual leave

Love it. LOVE IT. I have this week off work. Way overdue for a break. I turn into a grumpy, intolerant turd when I’m overdue for a break from work. So what am I going to do. Of course I’m going to craft my date off (figuratively speaking, not in a spooky performance art sort of way).

I’ve written a list:

  • sew a linen skirt (from a skirt that Alison has)
  • do some felting (from roving)
  • buy new bras
  • finish making Christmas cards
  • watch Dr Phil and a little Oprah
  • do some beading, finish making circular needle case
  • make some jam (last year I made a rhubarb, peach and clove mix which was yummy)
  • hang out with Emma before she drops 2nd baby and disappears under a pile of dirty nappies and lack of sleep
  • plan Christmas eve family dinner
  • start making Chris’ nieces dolls
  • get hair cut
  • make Christmas crackers (or bon bons whatever you prefer to call them)
  • go to the movies

That’s a start anyhow.

Itchy Google?

Itchyvulva Looking through my site stats, it gave me a huge giggle to read that one of the top searches was itchy vulva (I know, I know an itchy vulva is no laughing matter, particularly if you have to resort to a Google search)….I don’t think I’d be going to Google for a solution to this problem. Too funny.


Flakedec04 It’s that time of the year again. Even though I’m from Australia why is it that seeing snowflake images reminds me of Christmas? Too many viewings of a Very Brady Christmas? Or Bing Crosby movies? Check out the make a flake, surprisingly addictive.

More cinematic pleasure

Chris and I had a film fest last week as you can see from prior posts. Topped* the week off with a preview viewing of "Garden State". Interesting soundtrack, a little overbearing. Natalie Portman is super cute and very watchable. Zach Braff (writer, director AND lead actor) was ok, but a little wooden. Overall an interesting film.

* I had a mini chick flick fest, watched "Rules of Attraction" very average crap and what is Julianne Moore thinking? And I also watched "Duplex", though I wouldn’t classify this as a chick flick, on Sunday morning (I love watching movies on Sunday mornings). Starring Ben Stiller and Drew Barrymore. It had a couple of extremely funny moments (reminiscent of "The Money Pit").

Broken Sword, Flying Snow

Hero Last night we saw Hero. Fabulous film. Started off a little slow and not particularly visually interesting, but man when it took off. STUNNING. Beautiful. I didn’t care if the story was interesting or not (it was), visually it was breathtaking. I want a frock like "Flying Snow". It was released in 2002, but has only made it to our cinema’s now. The soundtrack was also stunning and definitely worth purchasing.

Grumpy Girl also liked it.

Napoleon’s dynamite

Napoleon_liger Sorry. Too lazy to think of another title. Chris and I saw Napoleon Dynamite last night. A great film. A comedy that made us both laugh (and he’s much more high brow than I am) and made me slap my thigh a few times (always a good sign).

The website for the film, is great. The opening titles were the most imaginative I’ve seen for a while. If you go and see the film make sure you sit through the credits and wait for the gem at the end.

I came out of the cinema with the stupidest grin on my face. Always a good sign.