I don’t blog about work, however I think this is blog worthy. I had my first obscene phone call at the office today. Not that it would make anyone’s granny turn in their grave. It went something like this…

Nicole: “Good morning Luminosity, Nicole speaking can I help you”….

Smutty Man: “Hello Honey”… (in a really weird voice, so I’m thinking which friend is this)

Nicole (giggling): “Who’s this, how can I help you?”…

Smutty Man: “Can I rub your bottom” (go figure, whatever floats your boat)

Nicole (giggling more): “Umm, who is it?”

Smutty Man: “A very horny and lonely man”…

Nicole (giggling still): “Aaaarr, sorry, can’t help”… hang up quietly and blushing madly.

Now by some people’s standards (ie mine) that wasn’t very smutty at all, but it’s stuck with me all afternoon. He must have been one bored, lonely, horny dude. There’s always Mrs Palmer, but I wasn’t quick enough to suggest her to him.

2 thoughts on “Dirrrty

  1. emma says:

    shit….rumbled again!! my voice was convincing though eh? Oh and next time, just give him my number…i could do with a bum rub!


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