I haven’t really blogged about this bag. The IV’s current project is the "Kemp" bag from Simply Noro. I like the bag pattern. It’s a little different from your average bag and quite large for a knitted handbag. The yarn, Blossom, is quite rustic and has quite eclectic colourways. I wouldn’t mind a knitted garment in this yarn. I didn’t like the pattern’s handles so I did two i-cords, which are a little stretchy but I think they’ll hang in there. I changed the flower detail and decided a crochet flower was in order.

The IV’s met up last night and I was the only one finished (unusual). I did rush this a bit as I’ve got a birthday pressie to knit and also want to get some knitting in for the Man-a-long. I’m dragging my heals. Then there’s Christmas cards to make and some baking for the silly season.

Kemp_blocking Kemp_blossom_closeup Kemp_lining Kemp_finished

5 thoughts on “Blossomed

  1. emma says:

    The I cords look fab….may have to re-think my handles. going into Birch to check out the Bamboo ones today, so will report back.
    IV #2


  2. Rebecca says:

    Great job on the bag – I’m working on it right now! Almost done with the first side. I’ve been thinking of lining it too… don’t remember if it specifies lining in the pattern. I’m enjoying the Blossom – my first experience with Noro. I’m going to make the sleeveless turtleneck sweater in the Simply Noro book next.


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