Farty Bourguignon

Wez was up this month. Beef Bourguignon with steamed stringless green beans and potato mash (I think he used Royal Blue, yellow flesh and excellent for mashing). Finished off with Peach and Vanilla Panna Cotta topped with homemade peach sauce. All was delicious. The panna cotta was stunning. Kudos to you Wezdude. Topped off with a viewing of "The Stepford Wives" (the new version not the original).

Overall the film was dull and silly. Not particularly funny. Makes me want to see the original. I recently read the book and it’s quite sinister. The new film’s website is more interesting than the film itself. Check our Claire’s Craftorium and her instructions for a "Plenty O’ Pine Cone-Copia Winter Wonderland Sparkle Wreath" 😉

Jet was in fine form. Being a Labrador and compulsively attracted to food, he managed to get a lick of dessert from Wez’s plate. In case you didn’t figure out from the picture, Alison loves her Jetty (picture has "the Dooce Effect").

Ggsnov04_bourg_in_action Ggsnov04_thespread_1 Ggsnov04_chef_n_panna Ggsnov04_peach_panna Ggsnov04_wez_n_jet Ggsnov04_al_n_jet

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