Broken Sword, Flying Snow

Hero Last night we saw Hero. Fabulous film. Started off a little slow and not particularly visually interesting, but man when it took off. STUNNING. Beautiful. I didn’t care if the story was interesting or not (it was), visually it was breathtaking. I want a frock like "Flying Snow". It was released in 2002, but has only made it to our cinema’s now. The soundtrack was also stunning and definitely worth purchasing.

Grumpy Girl also liked it.

4 thoughts on “Broken Sword, Flying Snow

  1. clementine says:

    I loved it too- and so did my boyfriend who’d already seen it on dvd- much better on the big screen though. I loved the chess house scenes- stunning water imagery.
    Have you seen Roshomon? old Akira Kurosawa (I think)film in B&W- a story told in a similar way, through the recounting of different accounts of a set of events. (But in other respects nothing like Hero)


  2. anthony says:

    Yep Rashomon was Kurosawa and the use of colours reminded me of his film Ran. On Kurosawa, the post-humously made “Umi wa Mitteita”-“The Sea is Watching” is very easy in the eye.


  3. Nicole says:

    Haven’t seen it, but will look out for it at local Blockbuster 😉 There’s a new one coming out, can’t remember name, written by same guy I think. Saw a preview last week.
    Anthony – aside from the fascism 🙂 (I admit to having to go and look up the definition of fascist/fascism again to remind myself) it was pretty :p


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