Aaaaah annual leave

Love it. LOVE IT. I have this week off work. Way overdue for a break. I turn into a grumpy, intolerant turd when I’m overdue for a break from work. So what am I going to do. Of course I’m going to craft my date off (figuratively speaking, not in a spooky performance art sort of way).

I’ve written a list:

  • sew a linen skirt (from a skirt that Alison has)
  • do some felting (from roving)
  • buy new bras
  • finish making Christmas cards
  • watch Dr Phil and a little Oprah
  • do some beading, finish making circular needle case
  • make some jam (last year I made a rhubarb, peach and clove mix which was yummy)
  • hang out with Emma before she drops 2nd baby and disappears under a pile of dirty nappies and lack of sleep
  • plan Christmas eve family dinner
  • start making Chris’ nieces dolls
  • get hair cut
  • make Christmas crackers (or bon bons whatever you prefer to call them)
  • go to the movies

That’s a start anyhow.

2 thoughts on “Aaaaah annual leave

  1. clementine says:

    Wow- the list is only a day old and already you’ve crossed two items off!! Have a fun week, and I hope your sewing machine doesn’t suffer the same fate as mine did on the weekend…


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