Kits ‘n cats

Way cool knit kit. Yes "it’s just a knitted sock kit" but a kit appeals, as does this flower knit kit by Pick Up Sticks. If you haven’t bought Sublime Stitching’s Stitch-it Kit, why not! Great value, bucket load of embroidery patterns and very useful guide.

Plug for friend M of The Wool Shack, her luxury chunky scarf kit is very nice (cute chunky stumpy needles). Not a kit but way cute are also the shacks Maudie Felt Dolls. I have one and I love her. I think I’ll also treat myself sometime in 2005 to a felt needle roll’s. They are stunning. I have a felt fetish. Making felt is not too tricky but it takes time and patience to get it looking "textileish". I’ve had some small successes shown below. I bought a great book "Simply Felt" it’s one of the best I’ve found and has great contemporary designs, instructions and ideas.

Feltbeads Feltcontainer_1 Maudie


I haven’t had much success in the past making cupcakes. Just ask M. They suck! I don’t know what I do but they look crap. They taste good but look like a truck has hit them or a toddler has run all over them. So I bought "The Artful Cupcake" in the hopes that I could improve on this (very important life skill 😉 ). Stay tuned for future progress.

Ham’n it up

BeforeglazeAfterglazeGlazed the ham. Bloody tasty ham. Not too salty and the glaze worked a treat (thanks to M’s mums recipe). Would definitely buy ham from this butcher again.

Christmas Eve with my family. Chris made mayo again which we had with prawn crostini. Then cold ham and potato salad (dill and mayo), with a green salad. Finished off with Dad’s pavlova. He makes a mean pav, topped with whipped cream and strawberries.

Christmas day morning at M’s. Chris and I cooked brekkie. Pan fried the ham (delicious), scrambled eggs, toast, mango and cherries with pancakes and maple syrup. Hmmmmmm! Joe created a new drink called Scrambled Apple Juice, though he was reluctant to drink it.

Cheekyjoe2 Em_n_ross Lumpyluka

Hotspud1 Cold pizza for lunch then on to Chris’ family for dinner. It was a scorcher yesterday, 37C. Spud wasn’t coping.

At Chris’ sisters a mixture of cold ham, turkey and roast lamb (divine, marinated for three days!!). The best way to eat lamb is cold. Crayfish salad, green salad, potato and egg salad. Chris’ sister made sushi, tasty. Topped off with ice cream, pudding and/or mango sorbet. Stuffed to the gills.

Chris and I made his nieces dolls for Christmas (finished at 4pm Christmas day!). They appeared to like them and we managed to get a shot of Sophie holding her dolly. They’re perfect small person size and can be held in one hand (very important when you’re being chased by Uncle Chris). Previously Chris had taught his nieces the dead blowie (or dead blow fly). You lay on your back and shake your hands and legs in the hair whilst making a buzzing noise. As you can see from the pics they were quite keen last night to give it another go. Hilarious! More doll pictures here.

Sophie_n_doll Dead_blowie_2 Dead_blowie_1_1

Sugary festiveness

Chocolate panforte, snowflake biscuits and biscotti (cranberry and almond, ginger and clove, apricot and cinnamon). I’m packaging them in a mixture of take away boxes/containers. Panforte was a BITCH to make. Really tricky. It’s come out pretty good. The snowflakes were fun to make and Chris is the biscotti king this year.

Tomorrow night is peeling the skin off the ham (ick, thanks to Chris, he’ll do this) and then glazing him. He’s HUGE! 5kg. Probably be eating ham for the next month.

Teeny tiny jumpers!

Weekend Knitting has patterns for them AND here’s a free pattern for one with very clear instructions and a pictorial on the tricky bits. How cute!

Haven’t done an update for a while about my "diet" (horrible word). All I’ll say is December’s not looking great. BUT I have lost 14.2kg in 10 weeks. So pretty good going overall…just a few more (but who’s counting).

Jazz thang

Vince Jones at the Cottesloe Civic Centre. Venue great, but not ideal for Vince. I’ve decided it’s better to see him in a small venue. Band were great and he sounded fabulous. Also took the opportunity to take along my kitty bed project to start.

Vince_jones_dec04 Knitting_vince