Apple catchers on sale!

An update on the week so far. I managed to sleep until 8.30 today. Aside from the whining cat, little bastard.

I’ve updated list and added some more:

  • sew a linen skirt (from a skirt that Alison has)
  • do some felting (from roving)
  • buy new bras 25% off, gotta be happy with discounted apple catchers
  • finish making Christmas cards
  • watch Dr Phil (damn cricket or some other sport has foiled my Dr Phil plans) and a little Oprah
  • do some beading, finish making circular needle case
  • make some jam (last year I made a rhubarb, peach and clove mix which was yummy)
  • hang out with Emma before she drops 2nd baby and disappears under a pile of dirty nappies and lack of sleep
  • plan Christmas eve family dinner
  • start making Chris’ nieces dolls
  • get hair cut
  • make Christmas crackers (or bon bons whatever you prefer to call them)
  • go to the movies Went and saw National Treasure…..hmmmm more later
  • Go with Emma to pick out Christmas tree and chop it down. Way cool
  • Start knitting Spud’s kitty bed

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