Glaze for ham?

Anyone have any suggestions for glazing a ham? Also, would you buy a presmoked, ready to glaze ham or would you go hard core extremist and buy a raw one and do the whole shebang yourself? AND if you’re in the Perth region, do you have any recommendations for purchasing such ham? I’m thinking Mondo’s? Or the local butcher here at Innaloo might do the trick.

5 thoughts on “Glaze for ham?

  1. anthony says:

    I’d recommend Mondo in general and assume they’d know what they were doing with ham. They’ve even got free range ham (white rock or something). I’m not a ham expert as my grandmother takes it upon herself to get me one each year, bless ‘er. Lasts a while covered with a wet tea towel and I’m always sad to see the end of it.
    Which butchers in Innaloo?


  2. jena says:

    Thank you, thank you for the wonderful surprise package!! Haven’t had a chance to post about it… but I surely will soon. In the meantime, wanted you to know that the envelope made it to my door safe and sound. (The BEST smelling package I’ve ever opened!)


  3. clementine says:

    My mum goes hard core every year- the full shebang with an uncooked ham that she preorders from somewhere… I will find out for you. Glaze is always a brown sugar and orange juice affair with cloves studded into the top of the ham after removing the skin. Lasts for ages in the fridge in a calico bag. VERY YUMMY (so long as the cooking time was right and it didn’t dry out too much). Mmmmmm: Sad thing is I don’t think she’s doing it this year because we’ll be in Esperance..


  4. emma says:

    This is my Mum’s recipe!
    Boil ham first and buy unsmoked if you don’t like it too salty.
    Boil for 20-25 mins per 500gms leave to cool slightly. Cut away rind to leave an even layer of fat , use sharp knife and score surface in criss cross , don’t cut too deep. Stick cloves in dimond shapes and brush glaze over fat making sure it goes into all cuts. Cook for 30 ish mins at 190c. Make sure you lookat it as it might burn.
    6 tbls wholegrain mustard.
    225 mls apple juice
    8tbls of clear honey
    Add all ingredients to pan and stir. Boil rapidly till reduced and thick and syrupy.
    Hope this helps.


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