I chopped it down with my little hatchet

Well, actually it was a hand saw.

Today I went with Miss M to help her select her live Christmas tree. I didn’t realise what serious business it was until we started looking. All the perfectly rounded trees had big red reserved stickers on them. We eventually found one, a huge 7 feet of tree. After we wrestled with the hand saw and caught the tree with the trolley we wheeled it to the car for a bit of tree wrestling. Highly recommended as one of my Christmas events for next year, as long as it involves two giggling grown women one of whom is on the verge of giving birth (no, she didn’t, thank goodness).

Then a quick dash home to trim the tree. It’s been years since I’ve dressed a tree, it was great fun. M had the jingles going in the background and all was warm and fuzzy for a while.

Thanks M for inviting me!

Emstree_trolley_04_5 Emstree_car_04_2 Emstree_undressed_04_1 Emstree_dressed_04_1

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