Birthday nipples

Gillians_birthday_04_gillia_1 Friday night at The Red Teapot for Gillian’s birthday dinner. We had a momentary wardrobe malfunction from Paul , but all was quickly recovered (or just covered, thank goodness). Great night, yummmy food and excellent company. I’d forgotten how delicious the food is at the teapot. Particularly the salty squid, chicken etc, they have a knack for making salty food irresistable.

I’d made Gillian a "poncho" (not quite the right description) and some homemade milk bath. I love making Gillian gifts. She totally appreciates and loves that they’ve been made for her. She changed what she was wearing to wear the poncho that evening. Sweet! I also know that she is a bath fiend and that the milk bath will be loved. Thanks Gillian! A great start to the weekend. More pics here.

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