Deck the halls ‘n tummies

Last year Chris’ office had a progressive dinner for Christmas. It started at our place with entree’s. As a consequence of Chris’ "performance" they’ve asked him if he would cook this year’s dinner. They pay for the supplies and drinks and Chris cooks a feast. I think he’s secretly excited but at the moment is too distracted with getting it all organised. This morning I happened across his typed shopping list, it was too cute. Listed by "dairy", "meat" etc, very organised.

Tomorrow night’s the night, here’s what’s on offer:

Start with:

  • Bocconcini di Speck (prunes stuffed with camembert, walnut and wrapped in proscuitto)
  • Poppy seed grissini (made by Chris, of course)
  • Crostini di Gambertti (crostini with prawns)

Then on to:

  • Salmon steaks (pan fried) with tartare sauce (of course with home made mayonnaise)
  • Buttered grated beetroot (cooked with butter and red wine vinegar)
  • Roasted asparagus with rosemary and pancetta
  • Thumbprint roast potatoes

And if by this stage we’re not all bursting at the seams:

  • Lemon slice, AND/OR
  • Mango and toasted coconut semi freddo
  • Macerated strawberries

Followed by the obligatory tea, coffee and a taste of my panforte.

Yum. It will be great. Photo’s will be posted.

3 thoughts on “Deck the halls ‘n tummies

  1. emma says:

    Not just giving them beans on toast then??
    ooohhhh sounds yummy! a doggy bag if you please and I will think of you when I am enjoying my hospital food (a scoop of mash, peas and a pale looking chicken breast).


  2. margaret says:

    You call a typed shopping list in category order ‘cute’??? Why, doesn’t everyone do their shopping lists this way??
    Tell Chris I applaud him his solid organisational skills, and his dinner sounds extraordinary.
    Now, if he could just get around to that six week menu plan….


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