Sugary festiveness

Chocolate panforte, snowflake biscuits and biscotti (cranberry and almond, ginger and clove, apricot and cinnamon). I’m packaging them in a mixture of take away boxes/containers. Panforte was a BITCH to make. Really tricky. It’s come out pretty good. The snowflakes were fun to make and Chris is the biscotti king this year.

Tomorrow night is peeling the skin off the ham (ick, thanks to Chris, he’ll do this) and then glazing him. He’s HUGE! 5kg. Probably be eating ham for the next month.

One thought on “Sugary festiveness

  1. Anthony says:

    Who cares if its a bitch to make… when it is heaven to eat!
    Hope you and Chris have a great festive season…big booby hugs to you…xxx


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