About three or four months ago I had a brainwave to knit a friend a Gromit for his 30th birthday (1 January). After a lot of searching I came across Purlgurl who kindly sold me a spare Gromit pattern. They are rare as hen’s teeth. Would I knit one again. NOooooo. The knitting of the item wasn’t too bad, I resorted to children’s knitting needles as they’re plastic and bendy (very useful) and also short. The sewing up was hideous. I almost gave up on it and I’m not sure the legs are sewn on correctly (from behind it looks very weird), but it came together in the end. I put some 20 gauge wire in his ears to help them keep shape. I stuffed him with some undyed wool roving (much better than usual craft stuffing), holds its shape and has a nice "dense" feeling to it. He stands about 20-25cm tall.

Knitted_gromit_bits_2 Gromitfront020105_1

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