2004 Knits?

Looking at Amy’s list for 2004 got me thinking, have I FINISHED any knitting this year? Yes, I did. Though I’ve discovered (I already knew this) that I’m impatient (hence I have four five garments on the go), so I knit accessories (bags, toys etc) to get my knit fix. I’m sick of having unfinished garments so this year is going to be garment completion year.

Completed in 2004:

  • Scribble shawl (for me)
  • Blossom bag (for me)
  • Giotto poncho (for me)
  • Filatura poncho (for me)
  • Filatura poncho (for friend)
  • Jo Sharp Silk Road scarf (for work colleague)
  • Hawthorn Cottage scarf (for friend)
  • Pocketbook slippers in Jo Sharp Silk Road
  • Sophie Bag (for me, but since stolen, will do another in Kureyon)
  • Meathead hat (for Larissa)
  • One sock in Opal (Yes, I’ll finish the second one)
  • Kidsilk Haze scarf (for friend)
  • Gromit doll (for friend)
  • Debbie Bliss bunny (for me)

I’ll post separately about the garments I’m going to finish this year and one’s I hope to start.

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