Someone’s got to do it…

My parents are taking us to Zafferano tonight for the old bastido’s birthday. I’m very appreciative however (a winge coming on) I’m on a DIET. YES I have choices, but why would I want steamed fish and vegies, when I could have chargrilled crayfish on mash, with tomato and rosemary salsa, or a skewer of Moreton Bay bugs (my favourite) wrapped in pancetta over a field mushroom….STUFF the diet. I weigh in on Friday, do you think if I breathe in it will make a difference 😛

I’m not a big one for a huge 3 course meal. I LOVE desserts. Love, love, love them. So usually at a restaurant such as the one above they have a separate dessert menu that they don’t bring out when they give you the entree and main menus. This then results in me asking for the dessert menu, and feeling slightly uncomfortable, being chubby and self-conscious already and then asking for a dessert menu. I usually receive mixed reactions from wait staff, from giggles to raised eyebrows or smirks. But I need to see what’s on it before I decide what I’ll have for mains. It astounds me that people think this is strange. Of course I want to know what follows my main. I don’t think this is too silly.

Aside from the above, I am looking forward to great food and a mango daiquiri, even better when someone else is paying!

4 thoughts on “Someone’s got to do it…

  1. Alison says:

    I think absolutely shelve the ‘diet’ tonight. It would be a travesty to be taken to and PAID for to Zafferano and put limitations on what you eat. You’ve been pretty good so think of it as a bit of a reward.
    And as far as the waiters go with the dessert menu – f**k ’em royally – after all they are WAITERS waiting on you the paying customer – well in this case your parents being the paying customer 🙂 – so smile sweetly, flutter those eyelashes and ENJOY!! And by the way – I am sooo envious that you are going!! Squeeze in a daiquiri for me too.


  2. Alison says:

    Firstly, I always look at the desert menu first if I can. It’s very important to know what to order for mains and entree based on what the desert is. I plan whole meals around the desert 🙂
    Secondly, there’s still time before the weigh in. Order what you want, just don’t eat all of it, and/or compensate for the rest of the week and eat well for the remaining days till your weigh in.
    You can’t diet all day every day – give yourself a break, plan and enjoy. The diet will still be there tomorrow.


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