Preserved and baked

Candied_peelIt seems I have a preserving fetish. I don’t particularly like eating candied peel but I’ve always wanted to make some. I did recently, the recipe took me on a five day journey. Was it worth it? I’m not sure, but Chris loves it.

Apricot_clove_jamAs it is apricot season thought I’d make some more jam. So apricot and clove was born. Delicious.

Jam_drops_cookedI also have a baking fetish, I’m not a huge cake lover but I love scones, biscuits (particularly home baked) and cupcake type things. After making the apricot jam I decided it would be sacrilegious not to make jam drop biscuits. They don’t look too special, but they were yummy.

As I’ve mentioned previously I want to master the cupcake, we have an IV meetup in a week so I may give it another bash.

Saltpig_flask Continuing with food. See my new salt pig. Isn’t she lovely! M generously gave me the pig for Christmas. A huge surprise and I love her. She’s quite happy next to my tin flask.

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