Yes, it does drape

Linen_drape_top_0105 I recently finished a top in Rowan’s discontinued Linen Drape in colourway Bleached. (Excuse the dark, out of focus, self portrait.) I used a pattern from a library book, it was a generic sweater book. The top was supposed to have 3/4 length sleeves, however I knew my guage was out and was satisfied when I put it on that if I did a crochet edge that no sleeves would be required (YES, I couldn’t be stuffed doing sleeves).

I have a sleeve phobia. They’re deceptive little buggars and always end up taking my way longer than I expect. Overall I’m "happy" with the top. Usually I have a fairly good sense of style/fit when buying clothes for myself (well, I think I do, if I don’t, friends now’s your time to speak up). However I didn’t think about the DRAPE part of Linen Drape. So it does drape, over my ample bossom. Which is ok, but not fantastic. It’s an "hhhmmm, I’ll wear it", not a "whoo hooo, how great is this knit". Hopefully once Rosy is finished she’ll be a whoo hoo.

I nearly forgot to mention. I also converted this pattern to circular knitting. The first garment I’ve ever knitted circular and first pattern I’ve converted to circular. Overall it was nice to knit and also no horrible side seams. I didn’t think the pattern suited a three needle bind off on the shoulders as the shaping was very minimal and it would have been too tricky for me to bother with. I did a false side seam as my Vogue Knitting manual advised and it’s come out pretty good. You drop a stitch where the side seam should be and then crochet hook it up (with a combo of 1 stitch then 2 stitches at a time).

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