Vintage finds!

Vintage_books_1 On a recent trip to visit my outlaws (actually they’re not, I just like the insinuation)in Swan View (a 40min drive from our place) we stopped in at Guildford on the way. They have a good scattering of secondhand stores. In particular there’s a book store that’s always worth a fossick.

Vintage_embroidery I had my first find for 2005. A 1972 Australian Women’s Weekly biscuit and slice cookbook. Has ALL the classics like vanilla slice, brandy snaps and meringues and macaroons galore. Classic, I tell ya. I particularly love the front cover photography, they call these biscuits Lunchbox Cookies, I wonder if it’s because they look like you spewed up your lunch? Don’t they remind you of those plastic spews you can buy. Not that I’d know anything about that 😉

I also SCORED an English craft magazine called Pins and Needles. I can’t find a year on it but it looks like it’s from the 50’s. Some fabulous emboridery patterns that were iron-on. I’m a little too scared to try ironing them, but I might give it a go. It has a few cute knitted and crochet items (as well as knitted vests and knickers for women…)

2 thoughts on “Vintage finds!

  1. Jennifer says:

    Hiya! Just stopping by from SPIV. My outlaws live in Farnham. What else is good for shopping in Guildford? I usually just hit LUSH when we’re across the pond.


  2. Clementine says:

    Cool finds! I also made some great finds in a second hand book-shop on High Street, Freo, when I was in Perth at Xmas, including an old 50’s pattern drafting text book. I highly recommend a browse there next time you’re down that way


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