Martas_slubby_feb05_2I’ve been revisiting Marta’s store lately, drooling over her slubby and flowers yarns. I finally succumbed to both. What I love is that you can order a continuous cake, no knots or joins. I bought slubby in #26 and flowers in #45.

Martas_flowers_feb05_1 There’s also a great online tutorial for arm knitting without needles. Very quick and satisfying.

Sleepy Sunday

Chris’ first Sunday off in 18 months and he makes us pancakes with maple syrup and homemade cherry jam (thanks Robynne!) with tea in bed this morning (with new teacups). Then a leisurely 4 hours or so sewing. Very nice and glad to have him back on Sundays.

Sundaypancakes0205 Sundaytea0205

Crafty finds

I stumbled across the second issue of Jo Sharp Contemporary Knitting at a local newsagency. I haven’t yet seen it anywhere else yet, including online. Anyone else seen it? RRP is AUD$14.95 which is reasonable considering the format and content. There were a couple of items that stood out. I don’t like the colourway for the blanket, but the pattern is appealing. The jumper is not usually a style I’d choose, but I do like the simplicity.

Josharpcontempknitting2fe Josharpcontempknitting22 Josharpcontempknitting23 

I have a thing for ric rac. I found some "mini" stuff recently at a local fabric store. The colours are a little more vibrant than I’d normally choose. They also had some plastic rose and cat buttons. I also picked up some ribbon at Lincraft in their recent sale. Fossicking in Spotlight I found these cute gingerbread men buttons.

Ribbonfeb05 Buttonsfeb05

And, finally, M recently posted about a Lamb Chop pattern she found. So off to ebay I went and found one. Why do I want to knit a Lamb Chop?


Aussie Creative Knitting mag sucks?

Sad but very true. This article (you’ll need to login to see article, username: craftblog, password: blog) succinctly tells us why, though I think instinctively we knew this. I think for me and my fellow knitting buddies the slide into averageness began with the pattern presenting the hulk baby . Very frightening and very "what the". Would YOU dress your child or even someone’s child you couldn’t stand in this? I didn’t think so. Maybe we need an Australian, Knitty?

More cupcake madness

Red_velvet_mix_feb05 After my recent relative success incupcake making I was slightly frustrated and disappointed by this week’s effort. Red velvet recipe (2oz / 60ml of red food colouring mixed with tablespoon unsweetened cocoa), fairly straight forward. Could have been my conversion of oz to grams for the butter. They rose and then came out of the oven and sunk, the bastards.

So Chris and I did the obligatory taste test (specially for the ones that needed leveraging out of the old tin). Tasted ok, little unusual, not quite chocolate. Recipe included everything but kitchen sink, salt, white vinegar, vanilla essence to name a few.

Red_velvet_cucakes_feb05_2 Decorating, I seem to be getting better at. Could always use improvement. The girls at bookclub didn’t seem to mind them and managed to wolf down a few, the rest were finished at the office today and there weren’t any "wow, that’s delicious comments", but I knew that 🙂