Muffler_progress_0105 I have Erika Knight’s Simple Knits. A lot of the ideas are interesting, but overall I’m not totally sold on this book. Flicking through it again on the weekend, I decided I HAD to make the muffler in the book. A nice idea, a fairly short "scarf" (102cm in length) that has two garter stitch sections at either end with a stocking stitch middle (knit the end stitch on the purl side and slip the knit stitch on the knit side to stop curling of the stocking stitch).

The whole scarf is knit out of 5 different yarns, Rowan Linen Drape, Fine Cotton Chenille, Lurex, Cotton DK and Summer Tweed. The main colour is varying degrees of chocolate brown with the bleached linen drape to break it up. I’ve also threaded square opaque sequins onto the Lurex (only the garter stitch sections will have sequins). The picture doesn’t quite show all the details, I’ll post clearer pictures when it’s finished. It’s looking like chocolate cake with white icing at the moment. I’m not convinced by the bleached Linen Drape, but will persevere and see what happens. The pattern called for 4mm straights, though I’m using DPN’s so that I can easily choose which yarn I want to knit next without having to cut yarn (just carry yarn up the sides).

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