Cinematic pleasure

I’ve seen some great films recently. Films that renew my enthusiasm for cinema. I love a nice meaty, gritty, dark film. (Films like Happiness and Magnolia).

Closer – excellent film. Though a colleague at work called it amoral. I like films that push boundaries. I’m not sure about the casting of this film (tired of Jude Law, even though he was excellent in I Heart Huckabees). Clive Owen was awesome. The film is adapted from a successful stage play. Clive played the opposite character to what he plays in the film. Doesn’t hurt that he’s easy on the eyes.

Million Dollar Baby – great film. Clint is awesome and Hilary Swank is great. I can’t stand to watch boxing generally, but managed to with this film. It has extremely realistic fight scenes between women (yes, I had my hands over my eyes a lot of the time), but they’re relevant. A surprising film that doesn’t just dish out what could be expected.

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