By jove I think she got it!

Tonight the IV’s got together. Mainly for social, chatting reasons. But also to decide on our next knit a long. We’re still waiting for confirmation on our knitted teacup sets so we’ll move on until they arrive.

We decided that as it was getting more difficult to get an agreed consensus (and we all have quite different tastes) that we’d take turns choosing a theme. Our theme for the next knit a long is "Games" (obviously knitted). There’s the obvious choice of the Knitty pattern, Robynne suggested a knitted snakes and ladders and that got me thinking. I’ve never done intarsia so this could be my chance. We have a two month time frame to complete our project.

Cupcakefeb05_1 Hang on, I got side tracked. By jove, I made cupcakes. Not only did they taste good, they looked great (well, none of the IV’s went "what the f*#k are they?!). Check it out! Most pleased with myself. I’m going to let myself loose on bookclub next week and make red velvet cupcakes. Might even break out the piping bag.

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