Keith and Lottie

Keith_lottieA friend had mentioned a cute little gift store in Northbridge, Keith and Lottie (unfortunately popup site). I managed to whip over there yesterday in my lunch break. How cute! Finally a store in Perth that sells interesting gifts and stuff (there is also the Art Gallery of WA gift shop and the new "gallery/shop" at Kings Park, Aspects), lots of indi hand made stuff as well as "production" items. I bought two teacups, future post and pic coming, they are sooo gorgeous. I’m keeping them for when Chris stops working Sunday’s and we have our first Sunday breakfast together in over 18 months!

They also stock interesting books, mags and some local as well as international illustrators work. They’re opening a gallery space at the rear of the store in the near future.

I’ll stop raving soon. What was also great is the attention to detail. Small things, like your goods in a brown bag with a pin attached of the store, inside my box with the teacups was a little envelope stamped with the name with a handmade teabag tag and teabag. If you live in Perth and want an interesting gift for yourself or someone else, check it out.

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