More cupcake madness

Red_velvet_mix_feb05 After my recent relative success incupcake making I was slightly frustrated and disappointed by this week’s effort. Red velvet recipe (2oz / 60ml of red food colouring mixed with tablespoon unsweetened cocoa), fairly straight forward. Could have been my conversion of oz to grams for the butter. They rose and then came out of the oven and sunk, the bastards.

So Chris and I did the obligatory taste test (specially for the ones that needed leveraging out of the old tin). Tasted ok, little unusual, not quite chocolate. Recipe included everything but kitchen sink, salt, white vinegar, vanilla essence to name a few.

Red_velvet_cucakes_feb05_2 Decorating, I seem to be getting better at. Could always use improvement. The girls at bookclub didn’t seem to mind them and managed to wolf down a few, the rest were finished at the office today and there weren’t any "wow, that’s delicious comments", but I knew that šŸ™‚

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