Crafty finds

I stumbled across the second issue of Jo Sharp Contemporary Knitting at a local newsagency. I haven’t yet seen it anywhere else yet, including online. Anyone else seen it? RRP is AUD$14.95 which is reasonable considering the format and content. There were a couple of items that stood out. I don’t like the colourway for the blanket, but the pattern is appealing. The jumper is not usually a style I’d choose, but I do like the simplicity.

Josharpcontempknitting2fe Josharpcontempknitting22 Josharpcontempknitting23 

I have a thing for ric rac. I found some "mini" stuff recently at a local fabric store. The colours are a little more vibrant than I’d normally choose. They also had some plastic rose and cat buttons. I also picked up some ribbon at Lincraft in their recent sale. Fossicking in Spotlight I found these cute gingerbread men buttons.

Ribbonfeb05 Buttonsfeb05

And, finally, M recently posted about a Lamb Chop pattern she found. So off to ebay I went and found one. Why do I want to knit a Lamb Chop?


2 thoughts on “Crafty finds

  1. emma says:

    Bloody marvellous that you see the Jo Sharp book in the shops before Jo Sharp even tell us retailers that it’s available! Have ordered copies for The Wool Shack tonight (yes, a Sunday!). Cheeky blighters!
    Oh, and EVERYONE needs a lambchop. I need one more than ever, as Joe keeps insisting that I do a puppet with my hand (it’s a bit creepy really, coz he thinks my hand is really talking to him). It’s a naked Lamb Chop!


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