Checkerboard0305As mentioned previously, the IV’s next knit a long is themed "Games". Here’s the progress on my checker board. I’m further along than this picture shows and am now working on the back. I want to finish this, this week. It’s been my first go at intarsia and probably a good project for first attempt as it’s very simple (bit like me as Em would say, but in the nicest possible way).


Sp4gift0305Hey. My SP4 came thru with the goods 🙂  She sent me 3 skeins of Noro Implessions (no that’s not a spelling mistake, well not mine anyhow) in a gorgeous colourway, Scarf Style (I’ve been lusting after this for a while) and some bamboo 7mm needles. Very cool, thanks HEAPS SP4. I look forward to finding out your identity, I did notice the Australian postmark…

Last bunny post, I promise

Bunnypink0305At 6pm Saturday night finished the final bunny for the nieces. 30mins to get showered and dressed to see Cake. Wouldn’t recommend sewing on a bunny face and attaching a pompom butt in a rush.

Decided I don’t enjoy sewing these guys without felt or a fabric that has some give. Cotton on cotton is too much of a nut bust. Think the girls Bunnybutts0305 liked them (they’re 2.5 and 3.5 so it’s not that easy to tell sometimes), I found one of them in a corner of the room having a discussion with the bunnies about the chocolate she was going to eat after she’d finished her vegetables. Very cute. They are hilarious little girls. Very squealy and easily entertained. They beg uncle Chris to chase them and play hide and seek, even though when he’s looking for them they have no idea that if they giggle and shriek behind the curtains he’ll see them! Too funny.

Mansack0305I decided that I didn’t don’t have anything to put Chris’ Easter gift in and that a  "manly" bag/sack type thing should be sewed, to put his goodies into at 4pm. I used some Aunt Gracie fabric with hoola hooping cats (yes, I know, very manly) and appliqued a felt pussy cat. Chris kindly gave me back the bag on Sunday saying "you’ll probably like to use this". Oops!

Cake0305Saturday night off to the Look Out to see Cake. Crap venue, average sound system (which the band complained about). Aside from this they were great live and worth seeing. Would definitely go and see them perform again. Thankfully they did favourites like Distance, I Will Survive and Love You Madly. But no Short Skirt, Long Jacket.

Crafty break

I decided that I needed this week off. So I have the whole week to myself to craft. I was going to give myself a timetable but I didn’t want to restrict myself. Here’s a list of stuff I hope to do:

  • Sew clothes and accessories for sock monkey
  • Finish knitting Susy
  • Finish Chris’ jumper
  • Finish knitting checker board
  • More knitting (there’s a tonne of projects I could start)
  • Make some more felt
  • Go thrifting
  • Tidy my craft space

Aside from this I want to go to the movies, eat breakfast out, go and have lunch with Chris and hang out with Spud.

Cleavage and rose tea anyone?

Rosetea0305I didn’t realise when taking this shot that Al’s cleavage was making an appearance 🙂  Sorry Al, but it’s the best shot of the tea (and your boobies). Saturday was Chris’ birthday and he decided he wanted to go to Leaf to have morning tea. We shared a Parisian rose tea and it was delicious. The rose tea was tasty if a little potpourrish.

Parisianrosetea0305_1 The food was yummy. Little cucumber sandwiches, coconut cupcakes, teacakes, strawberries, meringues, little savoury quiches and mini salmon tarts. Hmmmm. Others had the chai which is also fabulous. On Sunday’s they do high tea which we’re going back in April to do.

Moi competitive?


Wednesday night Alison M drops in for a cuppa, natter and knit. I’m in the midst of making hot x buns, with the assistance of Doughman. You’ve not met him? You should. Especially if you want to eat homemade pastry, pasta or any other pie/tart thing that requires dough. He’s the master (Grasshopper).

The dough is whipped up in Em’s borrowed Kitchenaid. (What a stunning piece of equipment and it lives up to its price tag, it showed the dough who was boss). Then Doughman is called to action. He continues to show the dough who’s boss and we leave it to prove for an hour. He then whops the dough into shape and makes the buns.

I come in with my trusty biscuit gun (which I have never successfully used for biscuits) and pipe the cross goo over the buns. Doughman glazes the buns with butter and in they go.

They come out of the oven. Time to taste. Doughman announces the dough is good but the spice is missing. Me sulk. NEVER. Me agree, NEVER. Alison smirking, YES. Alison and I trying not to giggle. YES.

So. Yesterday, I say to Doughman "how about whipping up another batch, you do it. Double the spice, let’s see what happens". So off goes Doughman. He also tells me he’s found another way to glaze the buns so they look all shiny and shop-like, ooh I say.

To Doughman’s credit. The new improved buns are new and improved, more spicy and much prettier. Will I admit it….maybe in a couple of days, but damn don’t they look good!

Bunny madness

Feltbunny0305_3 Sidebunny0305_1

The lilac bunny is my favourite so far and now resides with Mrs and Mr Metcalf in Greenwood. As long as Jet the labrador doesn’t eat her all will be right with the world. She’s made with the felted thrift jumper. I took the side on view before finishing her face. She has a cute toosh.

Bunny1The other bunny is for one of Chris’ nieces (got one more to sew before Sunday). Not as easy to sew with two cotton fabrics, but still a good result. Alison, had a great idea to line the ears with "spew" felt as we refer to the crap that Spotlight and other craft stores sell as "felt". It worked a treat, ears aren’t too floppy, thanks Alison. I’ve also sewn a bow around the neck as the stitching is not as easy to hide as it is with the felt/cotton combo.