Sublime embroidery

Embroiderednapkinsfeb05As I’ve previously posted I love Sublime Stitching’s embroidery patterns. As I have quite a few 🙂 , thought I’d better put a them to use. I’d bought some fabric with the idea to sew my own napkins and embroider them. I used a variegated thread by DCM and Jenny’s Mad Pad pattern. I was also going to embroider a border round the whole edge, probably in black, but not sure I’ll do this.

I’m also sewing a top in silk and want to embroider around the neck. The silk is a dark olive green, so I thought olive, cream and pink embroidery. I have a thing for french knots at the moment so’ll probably figure a way to include them.

2 thoughts on “Sublime embroidery

  1. Di says:

    funky funky gal that you are- I really like the napkins! I haven’t tried embroidery for many years, but you’ve got me thinking…


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